Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Newest Painting

I've been totally frustrated with weeks of painting and no results that I consider worth keeping. I love so many types of art, and I think I have tried just about all styles from charcoal drawing to abstract painting. The good news is you can paint over canvases that you mess up on.

For this painting, I was inspired by my obsession with artist Bernard Lorjou, my love of fabric and prints, the blog Small Acorns and the aesthetic of Amanda, and by the talented designer Anna Spiro. Anna is the Australian designer famous for her clever mix of prints and colors. This painting was inspired by her Round & Round the  Garden wallpaper for Porter Paints. I loved that wallpaper from the minute I laid eyes on it. I mixed it up with an icat tablecloth and a spotted vase. The spots are actually raised and I stencilled them on with a molding paste first. I couldn't catch the dimension in the photo, but they stand out nicely.

I am most attracted to flowers to paint. I love pottery and vintage and ethnic fabrics, so I am enjoying this style of painting. I have come across the art of Bernard Lorjou, a French painter born in 1908. He was really quite ahead of his time. One of my favorites is below.

Source http://www.pinterest.com/pin/234609461812952703/


  1. I love this painting! Nicely done.. especially the blue hues and creamy whites...

  2. Really very nice Chania . . . I like the touch to the pot giving it dimension . . . I am inspired by your branching out on your own, experimenting and creating your art . . .

  3. I think the painting is charming and pretty and having met you it represents your personality...You should be very pleased..Just keep painting what you like, what you love and however you want to... you're doing great..Just noticed the prior post never loaded on my sidebar so I missed it...also cool :D

  4. It's a lovely painting Chania and I think captures the style of your inspiration very well. (I think I like yours better!)

  5. The blue background looks French

  6. It's beautiful Chania! I love the color and pattern, really wonderful!

    xo Kat

  7. It reminds me of your Florida home, somehow. Evocative. You may not be satisfied yet but I think you are making progress.


  8. Chania, I got such a shock to read my name in your post! I certainly hope you consider this painting worth keeping - it's so cool, and I recognized Anna's wallpaper straight away, as I've loved it from the get go too. As someone who wouldn't know one end of a paint brush from the other, I so admire the gift of being able to translate an idea into a work of art like this. Gorgeous! (And thanks xx)

  9. Beautiful!!!!! I love your painting... Andrea

  10. "Razmataz" has been included in Sites To See #373. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.


  11. Very nice paintings You are a talented person. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Chain a, love your art and love Bernard's work, you know it's not so much that he was so upfront and so forward in time with his art as much as we look to these artist for inspiration to immolate, and when we se so many painting in this medium we just assume the artist was before his time when indeed we are inspiring our work with artist of their time:)
    I love this outsider art feel yet perfection I'm as much as artist who don't know how artistic they truly are.

    Chania, your art piece moves me! Are you kidding me? Your work is perfection and has a feel to it of painting in a free spirit of not over thinking it. Your an artist to love, one of being an " outsider Artist" who does not even know how artistic they really are!
    You have capture a bit of every mood in your piece and I would not tamper with perfection in your work. Keep painting in your imagination is one we all wish we had. I absolutely wish I could paint this freely, I am so drawn to this type of medium and soulful I innocence of art style. I would love to create mini paintings just like yours and collage a whole wall with them.
    Chania, don't be so hard on yourself, get out those brushes and keep painting theses beautiful pieces for us all to love.
    You my friend are an artist, and one to respect and love.

    I have gotten back to painting, one I am working on shown in the post before my latest posting and I can truly tell you I would love to be able to find myself painting in your spirit and soulfully creating your art :)
    I just may try to developer a bit of your feel that you add to your work.

    Lots of love and keep on painting.


  13. What a beautiful post. I love your porch.. I mean, hello? it's gorgeous. The visitors are so special though!! Thanks for sharingsets-for-your-bedroom

  14. You did a wonderful job Chania. I didn't know you painted, but am not surprised as you are so artistic. I love the vibrant beauty of your painting, it looks so full of life. Don't forget to sign it! Ann

  15. Wow this is some serious painting talent. Truly amazing!

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